2015-09-06 PPAM 2015 invited talk: I don't want to move to the arctic


invited talk: Torsten Wilde: I don't want to move to the arctic - A HPC Data Center Take on PUE and Energy Efficiency

Abstract—Currently, many trend setting data center operators are building new data centers in cold climate regions. For example, Google opened a new data center in Hamina, Finland, and Facebook is operating its first data center outside the USA in Lulea, Sweden. One stated reason is the savings in cooling costs those locations with cold climate can provide lowering the data center PUE to nearly 1. Since PUE is widely considered an indicator for data center energy efficiency, wouldn’t it make sense to build new HPC data centers in colder climates as well?
This presentation will take a closer look at PUE and data center energy efficiency from an HPC technology point of view. It will show that we might not need to buy polar gear just yet (some swimming trunks might be in order though).